Heavy Duty Campfire Tongs

Campfire Tongs Build Better Fires

Build better campfires

Lightweight and sturdy campfire tongs keep your hands away from the fire. Pick up and move logs and firewood to easily position them exactly how you want them in the fire. No more pushing burning logs around in the fire. The Campfire Tongs improve safety and help you build the perfect campfire!

37 1/2 inches long. Weighs 2 lbs. Lifts 25x its own weight.

title: Build Perfect Fires with Campfire Tongs | Safe Handling of Fire Logs
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description: Heavy duty yet lightweight firewood tongs for campfires, fire pits and fireplaces are perfect for building fires and moving firewood or coals.
keywords: campfire tongs, firewood tongs, campfire log turner, build a perfect campfire
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