Automatic Chef Campfire Grill

The Undisputed Cadillac of Campfire Grills!

The Automatic Chef has every bell and whistle you could ever want in a campfire grill. The fully adjustable Automatic Chef not only swings away from the fire for safer food handling, but it adjusts in and out over the fire as well as up and down.

The result: The Automatic Chef lets you position your grill grate exactly where you want it over the heat source. As if that wasn't enough, it's got a battery powered motor that rotates the grate in a circle over the fire! It's the rotation at a constant speed that exposes your food consistently to the flames so your food cooks more evenly, thoroughly, and with less burning.

You simply won't find a better grill for cooking over the campfire than the Automatic Chef!

Comes complete with hard plastic carrying case for convenient packing and transporting.

title: Rotating Campfire Grill Cooks Evenly and Consistently over Fire Pit
description: Automatic Chef is a fully adjustable campfire grill with battery powered motor that rotates the grate over the fire for consistent exposure to the flames.
keywords: campfire cooking, cooking over open flame, adjustable campfire grill, rotisserie cooking grill grate,campfire grill,grill for fire pit
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Price: $160.00

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